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Posted on: Dec 11, 2012

A great way to deal with stress is to learn and practice relaxation skills. Most people don’t realise how much tension we carry in our muscles. Over time, some muscles can become chronically tense. This is especially true for people that are constantly “on the go”. During the day tension builds, resulting in ever increasing tension throughout the body. The problem is tense muscles make you feel more ‘on edge’ and ‘tuned in’ to your already high level of anxiety or stress.

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Tense muscles also respond to your emotions. So each time you feel frustrated, anxious, angry or upset, which regularly happens without you even noticing throughout the day, your muscle tension increases. Additionally when we become stressed or anxious stress hormones are released into the blood. This can result in physical changes such as increased heart rate, breathing, dilation of pupils and a shut down in digestion just to name a few. It can develop into a vicious cycle. Relaxation techniques have the ability to decrease our levels of arousal or anxiety and reverse the stress response.

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