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Counselling To Help Deal With Issues

Posted on: Feb 1, 2013

People who attend for counselling are usually people who prefer to talk on a one-to-one basis with a professional counsellor. They often don’t like the idea of other types of therapies and they choose to deal with their problem by talking about it with a professional.

They want to share what they have on their mind, and they often want to get advice on the best solution to their issues. But the one thing that a therapist shouldn’t do is to give them advice. The counsellor needs to have the ability to repeat back what the client is saying to him and guide them solve their own problem. The good news is that everybody has it in them to solve their own issues, but often because they are in the middle fo their own problems they can’t see solutions, or can’t be objective enough to come up with a solution. This is why they seek help from another person. This is where counselling can help.

A lot of people are embarrassed or just can’t find the right words to express themselves to their family or friends about their issues. So going along to a professional counsellor who has no connections with them and is not going to judge them helps them to talk easier about their issues. The one thing that is always made clear to a client at the commencement of therapy that anything they say is strictly confidential.



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