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Psychotherapy is particularly useful where the therapist and client identify a pattern of thinking and/or behaving that has been persistent in the client’s life and is causing recurring issues or difficulties in the person’s emotional or behavioural world.

Psychotherapy is more suited to longer term work, in that it examines how these thinking styles and behaviours developed and explores effective ways of adapting or changing these patterns in order to gain more positive control in the person’s life.

There are often areas of overlap between counselling and psychotherapy and there are no definitive rules as to when either should be deployed except for possibly the duration of counselling.

Call me on 087 255 5225 for a confidential enquiry to discuss how I may help you.  I adhere to a Professional Code of Ethics and place the well-being of my clients as the focus of my practice.

Or you can contact me via email by clicking here

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Everyone who has ever owned a pet has will tell you that the sharing of our home with an animal can bring us great joy, whether it is a dog, cat, hamster or rabbit. Researchers have shown that owning a pet will brighten the outlook you have on life and give a sense of substance.

Increasingly people are treating their pets like humans, believing their animal thinks like a human. The reason pets are so good at their job is that they have the ability to adapt their life to fit in with ours. It is this ability that is frequently misread into believing that the animal’s attentions or motives are the same as ours.

Pet World logoThe important thing to remember is that whenever people evaluate their pet’s behaviour using human values, they run the risk of misinterpretation and making minor behavioural issues into chronic behavioural problems.

Our pets need rules, boundaries and limitations when they live their lives with ours. Trouble starts when they receive constant affection, and accommodation without any rules, regulations or limitations, as this goes against the grain of every animal instinct. I believe that we should live in harmony with our pets.

The good news is that most owners can improve their relationship with their animal and ultimately improve the animal’s behaviour, if they get help to understand their animal’s psychology.

Does your pet have a behavioural problem? I can help!

Aggression, separation anxiety, destructive behaviour, fear and phobias are some common issues that pets and their people can resolve with help.

Ian offers clients in-home consultations so that your pet’s problem can be observed and assessed in the environment where it occurs normally. The reason for this is that many problems are context specific and may not occur somewhere else.

Consultations usually take about 90 minutes, depending on the problem/issues and the service being provided.

Some issues may need a follow up visits, while others may only require one visit.

Follow up support can be provided where necessary.

After the consultation you will receive a consultation report which outlines the advice that was given to you during the consultation.

To book a consultation Call Ian at 087 255 5225 click on the contacts page for details – Pet Psychology Dublin


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