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Retirement Preparation

Posted on: Jul 24, 2013

Retirement, Turn a Negative definition into a Positive initiative

Google the meaning of the word retirement and here are some of the resulting definitions:

  • To withdraw from one’s occupation, business, or office; stop working
  • To fall back or retreat, as from battle
  • To move back or away; recede.
  • To cause to withdraw from one’s usual field of activity
  • To lead away from action; withdraw
  • To take out of circulation
  • To withdraw from use or active service

All of these definitions seem to have a common thread, regressive and negative. Unfortunately successful retirement can be a struggle and for some it might not the Promised Land they were led to believe it could be.

In the beginning it might have felt like an extended holiday, but when you start running out of things to do the honeymoon period can quickly fade and the reality of retirement can hit harder than you ever imagined.

Most people have no idea about what to (more…)


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