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Hypnotherapy Audio CDs by Leading Dublin Hypnotherapist Ian Epstein

Available for instant download. You can listen to these on your smart phone, computer, tablet, laptop or MP3 player.


Stop Smoking With Hypnosis

Ian Epstein’s 16 years of knowledge and experience within the field of addiction psychology has been condensed into these three audio files to help you to quit smoking For Good.

This set of 3 Audio Files is available to download. You can listen to these on your smart phone, computer, tablet or laptop. €39.95

Relax and Float Away Stress

In today’s fast-paced world take a little time out for yourself. With this ‘Relax & Float Away Stress’ audio you can do just that. Instantly download this MP3 file and store on your computer, smart phone or ipod to play any time you need to unwind and float away life’s stresses. €25.00

Develop Your Self Confidence & a Positive Self Image

You don’t have to imagine how your life could change for the better with improved self confidence any more – with this hypnosis audio your mind can be trained so this becomes a reality for you. €25.00

Protective Bubble

41 minutes

Use first thing in the morning or any time you feel you are going into a stressful situation. This audio helps you to visualise an impenetrable barrier around you where people’s negativity can’t penetrate through to you. €25.00

Sunshine Day

28 minutes

This audio helps you to clear work and everyday pressures we all feel by visualising these as a cloud. Throughout the audio this cloud is broken up and the sun’s light shines through to you. A wonderful way to relax and de-stress.€25.00

Colour Therapy & Visualisation for Relaxation

46 minutes

Colour Therapy & Visualisation for Relaxation is a relaxation audio incorporating the use of colour imagery visualisation.€25.00


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